Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My first to you.

On this great morning of sun and some personal interference, I bring to you my fantastic new blog.
I am for love and fairness, tallness and blond hair. But love and fairness first.
I am at Ramsgate now, two months, and fuck the weather with much glee and joy.
The girlfriend of mine, and sexy teacher Lucy, I love all the time and with her, bring this blog to you.
My girlfriend is shy and I will talk.



  1. Welcome tall blonde Icelandic one, I hope you enjoy all that this fair isle has to offer, even though you seem to have landed in Ramsgate, the playground of millionaires and fair weather sailers! I would imagine that Ramsgate is also home of the beautiful Lucy who seems to be teaching you the Queens English at a fair speed.

  2. A thank to you. My girlfriend teaches well, but not for me to love other man in sex.