Monday, 22 March 2010

Unhappy shopper.

I like to have new work in shop of my best Country, but shoppers there have face like hammered penguin.
Why do shoppers go to this shop if they have no happiness for it, I question?
Shop has many many bargains for one pound, but no smiles for this.
In my Country can be heard singing and rejoicing from shopper, for great love of filling fridge and cupboard, but not here. Why?
To look in Margate and see many shops closed would make miserable shopper happy, but no!
This is hard of understanding for me, like great conflicting puzzle.
Do you have answer?

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I have much hop for weekend.

Beautiful lovely girlfriend make suggestion to drink beer at pub, before this weekend previously, to celebrate new work of shop of my fabulous country name.
I have concern to work at shop for my English is poor. But same so for all other workers, so it is ok. And is better than quality for goods in shop, so twice ok.

This is first time at English pub for me. I drink little in my Iceland, for drink is more cost than small house, but here drink is given for very small money.
But also here, drink has tremendous strength of polar bear to make head spin like harpooned penguin. My remember is small and mostly of pain in my body. Though sweet girlfriend tells of excellent time for all people to be entertain by me, so this is good.
I also learn from new friends that expression 'it is your round' means 'go to toilet for long time'.

I shall go here again with new money for work!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Today I find work for money.

In my country it is the way of everyone to have usefulness. Not here, I look.
Many people street begging or wasting alcohol for employment.
I find a shop in town with my name of my country and think this is good. I will work there.
Much luck to me and my smart pants for my new job.

I spy they offer penguins there.
That must stop!
Penguins are of the Devil.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Colder than Heaven.

I have a hardness to find words for my espresso, so ask my girlfriend to help at this strange English language. She is lovely and kind and funny to laugh at.

I come from a climate who is very cold. Very cold, undead. Sometimes at lunchtime it is -400°C. Air can freeze hard and fall on to peoples' death. Very cold!
In Margate is like the tropical paradise to me, with Sun and sand and hot air all around. Beautiful sunsets are shit without Aurora, I say. And I love there so many cock-knees! (thanks for spelling help again, my beautiful girlfriend).
My wish is to visit Margate before I am born, for many more cock-knees.
But my home is now Ramsgate and I am free for bus, so visit often to Margate to squash my excitement.
Also my sweet and sexy girlfriend tells that Margate has home for many funny people, who I have sometimes met and laughed.

This is background of me for you, and will tell of more interest next time.

My first to you.

On this great morning of sun and some personal interference, I bring to you my fantastic new blog.
I am for love and fairness, tallness and blond hair. But love and fairness first.
I am at Ramsgate now, two months, and fuck the weather with much glee and joy.
The girlfriend of mine, and sexy teacher Lucy, I love all the time and with her, bring this blog to you.
My girlfriend is shy and I will talk.