Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Colder than Heaven.

I have a hardness to find words for my espresso, so ask my girlfriend to help at this strange English language. She is lovely and kind and funny to laugh at.

I come from a climate who is very cold. Very cold, undead. Sometimes at lunchtime it is -400°C. Air can freeze hard and fall on to peoples' death. Very cold!
In Margate is like the tropical paradise to me, with Sun and sand and hot air all around. Beautiful sunsets are shit without Aurora, I say. And I love there so many cock-knees! (thanks for spelling help again, my beautiful girlfriend).
My wish is to visit Margate before I am born, for many more cock-knees.
But my home is now Ramsgate and I am free for bus, so visit often to Margate to squash my excitement.
Also my sweet and sexy girlfriend tells that Margate has home for many funny people, who I have sometimes met and laughed.

This is background of me for you, and will tell of more interest next time.


  1. Welcomings to Ramsgate. Now can we have our money back please?

  2. Great greetings for you also. There is no money to read here. You confuse me with other site that you visit, yes? There may become sex here, but not for money.